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Dyeing natural fibers

The Natural Twist (TNT) Roving is different from much of the hand dyed Roving available. Our process uses fiber dyed before it is blended and retains the ease of spinning which can be lost when fiber is dyed after it is made into Roving.

The carding process we use makes each run (batch) of TNT fiber unique—both in color, fiber and quantity—so we recommend that you buy all that you need for a project. We will do our best to send you closely matching Balls.

TNT Roving is made in New Mexico at our mill. Roving is directional, which means that when the fiber exits the carder, the fiber is aligned in a way that makes hand spinning easier from one end. Try drafting from each end and see which you prefer.

We use a light solution of organic carding oil during processing to help with static and to protect the fiber. The solution can be easily removed by washing. We use natural colored fiber and dye primarily with Acid dyes. To maintain the color please wash in cold water and mild detergent.