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carding day

Ruth got me today's Progress report earlier than usual since she and her husband, Lance, decided to have a date nite.  But that didn't stop her from accomplishing a ton of stuff.

She carded 6 of the 17 fleeces for a customer in Colorado. She had washed and picked them all in the last week. She had to leave the last fleece in the picker box so she'd have time to feed the chickens and dogs before getting ready to go out.  They have been challenging since every fleece is different in picking and carding. 
She dyed a small batch of yarn a golden brown because...she had the dye to use up.  Apparently, there was room for one pair of socks, which are also now a nice golden brown. Waste not, want not is our motto.  Well, one of them.  She should have sent a picture.  I'd love to see her new socks.
And finally, she skeined the new wool that we pictured yesterday.  
I was not as productive.  I raked, pulled weeds and dead plants out of the flower bed and finished crocheting a shawl for the homeless shelter.  


Hi.  I'm Lauren; willing helper and apprentice to my cousin, Ruth, the magic behind the mill.  We do a lot of our work together from a distance.  I'm in Southern California.  Ruth is in Albuquerque.  We get together as often as possible and skype often, but do most of our brain storming and collaberation via daily Progress Reports.  I thought it would be fun to show what daily life is like for the CEO and only worker of a small cottage mill.

Here is a picture of her new yarn.  She's got enough to make 120-128 skeins.  We were discussing colors, and I thought it would be good to ask if any of you have ideas.  We'd like to leave some in the natural gray and are thinking of having 8 colors in all.  There will be a Turquoise, for sure, also a Terra Cotta, and an apple green called Dixon from the Northern NM orchard.  This will be the "Enchantment Series", so think colors of New Mexico and the Southwest.  As they are dyed, I'll be sure to post pictures.